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Charles Tipping - Executive Trainer

Charles has been presenting and training for and with blue chip corporate organisations since the mid 1980’s, and has also been involved in a wide variety of business improvement and troubleshooting assignments.

Charles’ career spans many industries and includes both the public and private sectors. He worked for the Ministry of Defence, Ocean Transport and GEC before specialising in computer hardware and software where he held

various senior management positions in companies such as Sun Microsystems, Wang and Nortel, before becoming a Director of a listed technology business. It is because he was involved with such a diverse cross section of customers in those organisations that he is able to bring a unique blend of behavioural skills and commercial understanding to any training situation

Towards the end of the 1990s Charles formed his own Training and Marketing Company and has since worked with many businesses introducing business improvement programs and people development initiatives that enable him to share his experiences, whilst encouraging the personal development of others.  

With many management, leadership, key account management and team building successes, Charles can provide a bespoke training programme tailored to the particular maturity, customer base and business sector that his audience require and specialises in behavioural performance using Discovery Insights and DISC.

Charles can be contacted on 01443 858668, or at