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Funding Information

ReAct is the Redundancy Action scheme provided by the Welsh Government and the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) is for people living in Wales who are facing redundancy, or have already been made redundant in the last 6 months. ReAct entitles you to up to £1500 to help people up skill or to re-train for a different career.

If you are under the threat of redundancy, a Careers Wales Careers Advisor will help to determine what kind of training is suitable and then it is up to the individual to choose which training options to action and which provider to opt for.

The Skills Growth Wales scheme (SGW) assists companies who plan to expand their workforce and require funding for training to make this possible.  To be eligible for support companies must demonstrate that they have a credible growth plan which will lead to the creation of employment opportunities within their company. The plan could include a new market, new products, new services, new contracts or planned investment.

Approved companies will be able to access funding up to an average of £2,500 per individual for training that will directly help bring about the growth.

Workforce Development Programme (Discretionary Funding) is a programme allowing organisations with more than 10 employees to work with a Workforce Development Advisors (WDA) free of charge to assess their leadership and management skills needs. Funding is granted dependent on organisations size and the skills needed. Organisations with less than 10 employees are able to apply directly to the Welsh Government for funding towards accredited leadership and management skills development. Both attract a funding contribution rate of 50%.

There is also a requirement to take up accredited training programmes or modules that lead to qualifications. This includes Leadership and Management, Business Improvement Techniques and other relevant, nationally recognised vocational qualifications at level 2 and above (a GCSE graded A*-C is at level 2 and a AS or A level is at level 3). Training that achieves widely recognised industrial standards is also acceptable.

All companies accessing SGW will be supported by a Human Resource Development (HRD) Advisor. The advisor will assist them in identifying training provision that provides best quality and value for money. They will help the company develop a training plan, evaluate the quality and impact of the training delivered and undertake a review of the benefits and impacts of the company’s participation in SGW.

Companies will be invited to apply for support by the SGW team who will ensure that appropriate companies are identified.

The GO Wales Graduate Training and Development scheme provides financial help for private sector small and medium sized organisations in Wales to train and develop their graduate level staff. The funding is intended to enable organisations to access training which they would otherwise be unable to afford. It provides 50% of course costs up to £1500 per participant.

Should you require any further information or guidance regarding funding please do not hesitate to contact us.