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As a passionate leadership and management training provider we have worked with managers across all levels in both public and private sector organisations.

When you select a strategic partner, you look for a provider who will go further to help you stand out in your market, build on your reputation and improve the performance of your organisation.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our working partnership.

Insights Foundations for Success

July 2019

Customer Feedback

“The session and information was excellent and easy to understand. This can be easily implemented into everyday life.”

“Excellent interactions. The trainer had an excellent balance of fun and Information delivery.”

“New subject to me but absolutely something that can be used in the workplace with positive results.”


Developing a High Performing Team

November 2019

Customer Feedback

“John was very good, clear, concise and fun, without being formal and stuffy.”

“The course wasn’t what was expected and was really quite fun!”

“The personal profile was particularly useful, giving detailed feedback.”

Interpersonal Intelligence

November 2019

Customer Feedback

I enjoyed discovering about the different personality styles.

Very inclusive, informative and fun.

Not just workforce specific, it’s a life skill set.

Insights Foundations for Success & Developing a High Performing Team 

July 2019

Customer Feedback

“It helped me look at myself, and a greater understanding of the other people I work with.”

“It was useful to understand how to communicate with team members in different colours.”

“It was great to look at the profiles of my team aid communication and effectiveness.”

Making Professional Presentations

February 2019

Customer Feedback

“Trainer made learning interesting with good examples. Good comfortable environment to do something that usually stresses me out.”

“Was brilliant programme. Obviously people were anxious, but it was great to see everyone give a good presentation. John was very good at giving constructive feedback.”

Imagine Programme

April 2020

Customer Feedback

“I had everything I needed sent to me in plenty of time to print out in anticipation for the day. The Palladium Team are very good at communicating for the course.”

“I thought John did really well to deliver to such a large group virtually, and it worked very well.”

“Unsure how well it would work, but I must say I was very impressed with how smoothly it ran. I feel future Zoom sessions will get better.”

“As always, delivery style was excellent, obviously well prepared shown through knowledge. Good at getting group engagement.”

“A good insight into building and managing a high performing team. The session was nicely balanced. I enjoyed breaking out into smaller teams too, and felt we worked well in them for the tasks we were set.”

“I think the exercises used were successful in demonstrating how individuals in a team can work together to achieve a goal. Even with the limitations of the workshop being online, these exercises still worked well and were enjoyable. They also broke the day up nicely and held our attention.”

“Points covered in the workshop will help to understand how different people contribute to a team, and how to effectively establish what purpose each person has within a team.”

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