LEAD Management Programme

Learn – Engage – Action – Deliver

The LEAD Management Programme has been designed to develop the competence and confidence of practicing or potential Managers to Lead, Engage, Action and Deliver their teams and organisations key objectives and/or projects.

LEAD provides an intensive introduction to the world of people management, focusing on achieving results with and through people. The programme is highly practical – the return on investment starts the minute the delegate re-enters their working environment. Two key features of the programme are the opportunity each delegate has to work with a personal coach to maximise personal effectiveness back in the workplace, and the implementation of a change/improvement project that makes a difference for the organisation.

In addition, delegates have the option to work towards the ilm Level 3 or 5 Award in Leadership and Management qualification.

The programme is delivered through six online modules that provide a range of leadership management tools and techniques, which support the development of the following key areas:

  • Communicate effectively and with impact – Communicate clearly and concisely to ensure instructions or outcomes are clearly understood and staff and colleagues feel motivated and engaged.
  • Solving problems through action learning – Solving problems and implementing changes/improvements ensuring the buy-in from team members, colleagues and management, whilst dealing with potential resistance and/or conflict.
  • Enhancing personal resilience – Understand the skills, principles and tools associated with managing time and work pressures, become self organised and achieve results through effective goal setting, prioritising, action planning and delegation, whilst maintaining a positive mind-set, well-being and feeling in control of work.
  • Influencing and Motivating Individuals – Assess people objectively, gaining willing co-operation through a better understanding of management styles and developing a higher level of interpersonal intelligence.
  • Holding People Accountable – Implement performance management tools that raise personal and team performance, effectively conduct difficult conversations, and empower individuals through ownership, coaching and accountability.
  • Developing inner confidence of self and others – Develop the inner confidence to make a professional impact, look and sound credible, and positively engage and influence team members, peers, management and customers.

Pre-programme Assessment

It is recommended that all delegates complete a pre-programme assessment and one to one to ensure the Programme and or Qualification is the most appropriate and to identify the specific Units to support their personal and professional development. There is no charge for this service. It is in our interests that the delegate in attending the right programme and the content reflects the individuals and organisations development needs. The optional 360 assessments with management identifies potential blind-spots and confirms key objectives for both the delegate and organisation. 

Programme Structure

The LEAD programme is delivered through a combination of online six modules, one to one coaching sessions, action plans and work-based activities, and the implementation of a Making a Difference change/improvement project.

Module 1 – Interpersonal Intelligence
The Interpersonal Intelligence Module provides a positive and practical experience to help delegates become more effective by exploring their self perception and the perception others have of them, whilst enhancing communication between individuals. The approach is fun and interactive, and give delegates a language and framework to better understand themselves and others, which they can put into practice straightaway.

Module 2 – Personal Resilience
Our working environments are now more demanding and more competitive than ever. Managing time and work pressures are synonymous. We find ourselves working harder and longer. This module introduces you to a range of practical tools and techniques that allow you to take charge of time, respond proactively to the constant change in demands, feel more in control of work and life and manage your well-being.

Module 3 – Developing Effective Teamwork
Teamwork is an essential resource for all managers and getting the team to communicate effectively, interact positively, and collaboratively problem solve has become a vital leadership skill. This module has been designed for people at all levels who want to develop a high performance team. It examines areas critical to effective team working and identifies the challenges in moving a team through the four stages of team development. 

Module 4 – Management Styles – developing a flexible approach
Managers today have to learn to cope with constant changing work pressures and demands, whilst delivering effective results and customer satisfaction. A one fit management approach or style tend to be less effective as you find yourself managing different situations. The aim of this module is to explore a range of management styles and provide a range of tools and techniques that underpin a style to harness employee potential, and deliver results with and through people.

Module 5 – Enhancing Performance through Effective Coaching and Delegation
One of the keys to influencing and motivating staff and colleagues is to learn to let go and trust others. To achieve this we must gain a balance between effectively delegating and coaching to improve performance, whilst holding people accountable. The module provides an opportunity to practice a range coaching skills, plan and implement the delegation of a task, and receive one to one feedback on their management approach.

Module 6 – Holding People Accountable and Managing Conflict
Conflict is not a bad thing. However, the way individuals and organisations manage the fall-out (or fail to deal with it), often is. Resolving conflict requires the use of effective communication skills, assertive behaviour, problem solving and negotiating skills. This module develops a greater understanding and self-awareness of your preferred conflict management style, and the communication and interpersonal skills required to manage, resolve and where possible prevent conflict.

Making a Difference Change/Improvement Project

Making a Difference is an integral part of Palladium Leadership and Management programmes. Delegates are challenged to make a difference through individual innovative change or continuous improvement projects, and provide feedback to their peer and management group. Previous projects have focused on reducing supplier costs, improving productivity or output, improving business systems or process efficiency, increasing sales revenue, improving customer care and reducing operating costs. These projects also provide a real work environment for delegates to implement the tools and techniques, embed their learning, and demonstrate their competence and confidence in a leadership role.

Delivery Options

Bespoke Company Programmes
The LEAD Management Programme can be delivered internally to a group of managers, providing organisations with the option to select the most appropriate Modules. This will allow customisation of the content to reflect current processes and procedures and/or the strategic change the organisation is currently implementing.

Open Programmes
Alternatively, there is the option for managers to join an open cohort of managers from different organisations on the dates shown below. The programme is currently being delivered through half-day interactive seminars through the Zoom platform. Seminars commence at 9.15 and conclude no later than 12.30.

Cohort LEAD 1/22 – due to commence 27th January 2022

Cohort LEAD 2/22 – due to commence 23rd March 2022

One to one Coaching
Additional one-to-one coaching sessions with delegates back in the workplace reinforce the learning and encourage the application of the models, tools and techniques.


Bespoke Programme
Total investment to deliver all six Modules internally to an organisation is £9700. Based on a group size of ten persons, this reflects an investment of £970 per person. This cost includes the pre programme assessment, delivery of all six Modules on agreed dates, customisation of content to reflect specific development needs and the facilitation of a Making a Difference Change or Improvement Project.

Organisations can also opt to select Modules from the LEAD Management Programme and/or add additional Modules to reflect specific development needs.

Open Programme
Total investment for one person to join an open group at Palladium Training is £1040 per person. This includes the pre-programme assessment, attendance on all six Modules and the facilitation of a Making a Difference Change or Improvement Project. Delegates can also join individual Modules for £190 per Module.

Accreditation and Certification (optional)

There are two options for delegates to gain formal recognition for their learning and development.

  • For an additional investment of £119 per person, and on successful completion of all six Modules, submission of associated action plans, and implementation of a Making a Difference Project, the Institute of Leadership and Management will acknowledge the delegate through the Institute Approved Certificate and provide one year full membership allowing access to the Institutes comprehensive on-line resource library to support on-going personal development.
  • For an additional investment of £389 per person, delegates can achieve the ilm Level 3 or 5 Award in Leadership and Management Qualification by submitting two formal assignments from the following:

ilm Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management Units –

    1. Solving Problems & Making Decisions
    2. Leading and Motivating a Team
    3. Understanding Performance Management
    4. Understanding Leadership
    5. Developing Yourself and Others

ilm Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management Units –

    1. Managing Individual Development
    2. Leading and Developing a Team
    3. Becoming an Effective Leader

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