Raising Self Awareness and Personal and Team Performance

  • Understand how you make a personal impact
  • Identify strengths, areas for development and potential blind-spots
  • Adapt your style and language to make yourself better understood
  • Understand how to interact in a way that has positive effect with all behaviour styles
  • Enhance self awareness and inner confidence
  • Implement a proactive action plan to develop self personally and professionally


Differences between people and within teams create conflict impacting upon well-being and performance. A lack of interpersonal intelligence and competence leads to poor communication, personal upset and a lack of motivation. People find themselves withdrawing or working in isolation, trust becoming an issue between team members and/or management. How can you turn diversity to your advantage and increase both personal and team performance.

Our Approach

An initial meeting to fully understand the current situation, where you would like to be and identify the key outcomes is essential. This will allow us to apply our experience and creativity to design a learning and development experience that delivers the agreed outcomes.

All our learning and development programmes commence with an introduction to the Insights Discovery model and profiles. This is the foundation to understanding ourselves and others better, whilst providing a shared language for an appreciation of behavioural differences.

Depending upon the identified outcomes, time and budget, a blended programme combining workshops, one to one coaching sessions and e-support will be outlined.

Insights Discovery Profile

We are all looking for that something that allows us to manage ourselves and others more effectively. That obviously means different things for different people. For some it is about improving our impact, being more assertive and having the confidence to say no or simply disagree. For others, it means learning how to be less directive, tempering our assertiveness and improving our ability to collaborate and work with staff, colleagues, management, customers and/or suppliers.

Step One on this journey of discovery starts with an invitation to complete an Insights Personal Profile.  Delegates complete an on-line self-assessment prior to the workshop or initial coaching session. The output is a 21 page personal report which helps recipients gain a general understanding of their personal style, and how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional environments.

Return on Investment

Making a measurable difference is an important factor for all of the learning and development programmes we deliver. Improving self-awareness, encouraging behavioural change and sustaining personal and team performance are key to implementing the Insights tool.

We understand the importance of this and will be with you and your team every step of the journey. A range of resources and exercise will be made available to sustain the development and encourage on-going learning and development.

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