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Palladium’s Leadership & Management ilm Endorsed programmes provide a very different learning experience to that of ilm National Qualifications.

You can choose from three open programmes delivered to a mix of managers from various organisations, or create your own programme (depending on the group’s development needs), which is then delivered to a selected group of managers within your own organisation. A combination of experiential and action learning create the environment to address both behaviours and attitudes, whilst making a measurable difference for the organisation. Assessment is through a combination of Personal Action Plans and a Making a Difference Project, rather than written assignments.

Using the ‘Four Levels’ of  the Leadership Model (Good to Great – Jim Collins), identify the level of management you are at or between (left hand column) and review the ilm National Qualifications to identify the best fit for your development.

The Effective Leader

Committed to a clear and compelling vision, stimulating higher performance standards

The Competent Manager

Organises people and resources toward the effective and efficient pursuit of predetermined objectives

Contributing Team Leader

Contributes individual capabilities to the achievement of group objectives and works effectively with others

Highly Capable Individual

Makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge, skills and good work practices

 Endorsed Programmes

Leadership Progarmme

The IDEAL Leadership Programme has been specifically designed to give practising or potential functional or operational managers, Directors and Business Owners, effective leadership skills that achieve a balance between developing key personnel, whilst defining and implementing change to ensure business survival and future growth. It’s about understanding your organisation and people, building collaborative relationships, developing subtler methods of motivation and leading by example.

The programme will assist in raising personal self-awareness, innovate and implement change, evaluate personal leadership styles and increasing leadership capability by positively engaging people, demonstrating trust and learning to let go. This will result in your managers effectively driving improvements through leading change in identified areas and increasing
levels of performance and engagement.

IDEAL Leadership provides an intensive introduction to the world of leading business improvements and winning the hearts and minds of key stakeholders. The programme is highly practical – the return on investment starts immediately the delegate re-enters their working environment. Two key features of the programme are the opportunity each delegate has to work with a personal coach to maximise personal effectiveness back in the workplace, and the implementation of a change/improvement project that can make a significant difference for the organisation.

The IDEAL Leadership Programme is delivered through a combination of six Modules, each comprising of two on-line half-day Seminars, one-to-one coaching sessions, action plans and work-based activities, and the implementation of a Making a Difference change/improvement project.

Bespoke Company Programmes
The IDEAL Leadership Programme can be delivered internally to a group of managers, providingorganisations to select the most appropriate Modules to support their development, and customisingthe content to reflect current processes and procedures and/or the strategic change the organisation is currently implementing.

Open Programmes – 16th April 2021
Alternatively, there is the option for managers to join an open cohort of managers from different organisations on the dates shown below. The programme is currently being delivered through half-day interactive seminars through the Zoom platform. Seminars commence at 9.15 and conclude no later than 12.30.

Bespoke Programme
Total investment to deliver all six Modules internally to an organisation is £11800. Based on a group size of ten persons, this reflects an investment of £1180 per person. This cost includes the pre programme assessment, delivery of all six Modules on agreed dates, customisation of content to reflect specific development needs and the facilitation of a Making a Difference Change or Improvement Project.
Organisations can also opt to select Modules from the IDEAL Leadership Programme and/or add additional Modules to reflect specific development needs.

Open Programme
Total investment for one person to join an open group at Palladium Training is £1370 per person. This includes the pre-programme assessment, attendance on all six Modules and the facilitation of a Making a Difference Change or Improvement Project. Delegate can also join individual Modules for
£230 per Module.

Accreditation and Certification (optional)
There are two options for delegates to gain formal recognition for their learning and development.

For an additional investment of £119 per person, and on successful completion of all six Modules, submission of associated action plans, and implementation of a Making a Difference Project, the Institute of Leadership and Management will acknowledge the delegate through the Institute Approved Certificate and provide one year full membership allowing access to the Institutes comprehensive on-line resource library to support on-going personal development.

For an additional investment of £389 per person, delegates can achieve the ilm Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management Qualification by submitting the following two formal assignments:
Implementing and Managing Change.
Developing and Leading a Team to achieve Organisational Objectives.

Management Programme

The LEAD Programme has been designed to develop the competence and confidence of practicing or potential Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers to Lead, Engage, Action and Deliver their teams and organisations key objectives and/or projects.

The LEAD programme is delivered through a combination of six modules, one to one coaching sessions, action plans and work-based activities and the implementation of a Making a Difference change/improvement project or an ilm level 3 Award in Leadership in Mangement.

  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Personal Effectiveness – the art of time management
  • Developing Effective Teamwork
  • Adapting a flexible management approach
  • Enhancing Performance through Effective Coaching & Delegation
  • Holding People Accountable & Managing Conflict

Module are currently delivered through two half-day Zoom Seminars with action plans and one to one e-coaching to support learning and application. Delegates may attend stand-alone modules to develop specific competence or a series of modules for a more coverage of leadership and management competence.

Total investment for one person to join an open group at Palladium Training is £190 per module . To attend all six Modules the cost is £1040 per person.

Start Date 16th March and 10th May 2021

Personal Management Skills
Modular Workshops

Putting the Pieces Together

Should you prefer the conventional one or two day workshop approach, we have over 20 titles available. Palladium’s modular workshops are interactive and through group dynamics, encourage and motivate delegates to take a proactive approach in improving personal and team performance. These workshops are attended by individuals who require an exposure to management development to acquire new skills, or simply need to reinforce prior learning. These can be delivered as individual stand alone workshops or as part of a development programme over a specified period.

ilm National Qualifications

Level 7

Level 5

Level 3

Level 2

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