Return on Investment

At Palladium we encourage our clients to measure the success of their leadership and management training, where ever possible calculate the ROI. Irrespective of whether a single staff member or an in-house group attend an ilm National Qualification or a one day modular workshop, it is important to understand the benefits achieved for both the individual and the business.

Pitched at the right level we use a range of methods to evaluate the ROI. Prior to commencing a development programme we undertake pre-programme one to one’s with both delegates and managers to ensure the proposed learning is at the right level and covers the key competencies for development. During the development programme action plans are implemented back in the workplace which generate new working practices and enhanced performance.

Making a Difference

An integral part of the longer term programmes is the Making a Difference (MaD) initiative. Delegates are challenged to make a measurable difference through a change and/or improvement project. This not only provides the environment for the delegate to apply the leadership and management competencies but also to demonstrate a return on investment by making a difference.

Jon Renshaw

Chief Network Engineer

Learner Success Stories

Implement the ITSUS Research and Innovation Strategy. The strategy incorporated the following vision; ‘Grow profitability and company value by supporting our engineers with a research and innovation process that promotes the creation of high-quality services and products in the fields of networking and cyber security.’ The benefits for this would be to provide an opportunity for all staff to become more knowledgeable, and therefore more valuable consultants.

Cheryl Ellis

Head of Department for Humanities

Learner Success Stories

Cardiff Met were becoming deeply disengaged with previous strategy plans from there learning and teaching to health and wellbeing. Cheryl’s objective was to implement a Department of Humanities mission statement and strategic plan and achieve no less than 80% of agreed KPI’s. This was important as it provided a shared understanding of the direction to the whole department, all staff were involved and had ownership towards the mission statement and core values shared.

David Gardiner

Operations Manager

Learner Success Stories

Woodpecker Flooring’s distribution network were facing a number of issues, to overcome these they needed to develop a logistics structure to support and achieve an On-Time-In-Full score of 99%, (was 93%), without increasing transport costs.

Elizabeth Hennessy

Business Manager HR

Learner Success Stories

To implement a year-long rolling programme called “The Pensions Jigsaw……Putting the Pieces Together”. The aim of the programme was to improve staff’s awareness about Pensions, issues especially Civil Service Pensions, and reduce staff anxiety and concern.

Paul Bevan

Facilities Manager

Learner Success Stories

To reduce total annual, spend by £200,000 (12%) from the total maintenance budget by becoming more proactive and less reactive, achieving greater efficiency and value for money, and to prepare work plans which lead to improved effectiveness, without impacting on quality or customer satisfaction.  

Chris Owen

Website Manager

Learner Success Stories

To increase traffic to the website by 5% year-on-year (Welsh Government KPI). Achieving this project required the team’s full understanding and involvement. Actions taken were group exercises, and brainstorming sessions which lead to a decision matrix. From this key staff agreed responsibilities and an online communication channel was created to help support the on-going project where all staff members can view and update accordingly. He overcame personal challenges and brought his team together.

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