The ultimate team building experiences

Our team building events are designed to challenge the soft skills and develop organisational performance. Often the word team building is used to describe experiences that are bonding in nature, but not learning focused. By designing programmes inspired by the creative arts, Palladium’s Team Events lead to improvements in communication, cooperation, creativity and trust. Each team building event is created from a specific brief and is tailor-made by working closely with your
organisation to ensure the most appropriate event.

The BIG Picture creating art through teamwork

Imagine a highly interactive team-building experience where your team can learn, bond and grow while creating something enduring. In this exercise participants are challenged to recreate a famous work of art by Dali, Da Vinci, Kandinsky, Matisse, Miro, Picasso, Van Gogh or another piece of your choice.

Once divided into smaller groups each will be given a set of brushes, paints, canvases and sections of the whole image. All participants must communicate and work together to ensure that, when placed together, the canvases resemble a complete and accurate copy of the original painting. Our facilitators will work with the teams to give guidance and support.

The climax comes when the whole picture is revealed to the entire team for the first time since, during the activity, teams are not allowed to put all of the pieces together. This means there is a great sense of anticipation before the artwork is unveiled and, at the end of the event, the team can take away the pieces, which can then be hung as a lasting reminder of the team’s synergy.

This team event is suitable for groups between 12 and 32 painters.
Duration of event: Half-day or full-day

The Enigma Challenge problem solving through teamwork

The Enigma Challenge is a unique and modern approach to the development of individuals and teams within the business environment. The event combines a wide variety of tasks and mental challenges which need to be solved throughout the day. The teams work together to achieve a common goal, tracking down the Enigma Code, within a tight time scale.

At first glance Enigma appears to be a competitive team building event – but there is a catch! An interactive twist which means no team can win without an element of co-operation. It is therefore extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. At the most basic level it is simply a highly enjoyable team building exercise that encourages team spirit and enhances communication. At the other extreme it is a vehicle that illustrates many work issues, particularly those associated with negative competition, silo mentality, and potentially destructive departmental or hierarchical rivalries.

Although Enigma involves a combination of both indoor and outdoor activities it is not a particularly strenuous event making it suitable for teams of all abilities.

This team event is suitable for groups between 8 and 32 code breakers.
Duration of event: Half-day or full-day

Commercial Break lights, camera..... teamwork!

Filmmaking is the ultimate teamwork. We offer a uniquely hands on approach, allowing the team to script, storyboard, shoot and edit their film with full technical support. This gives people the opportunity to take creative risks in a controlled environment, since they manage all elements including soundtrack and titles.

During pre-production a short script and storyboard are developed. Roles within the movie crew are then defined and allocated. Each team member undertakes something completely new to them, which creates a level of uncertainty. This will develop a reliance on other team members to support them in achieving their roles and responsibilities.

Filming and post-production will overlap to fully develop communication skills within the team and allow time for all to view the movie at the final de-briefing session. Team members will each receive a DVD of their film, along with our own edit of the total experience. This means that any learning outcomes can be taken into the workplace.

This team event is suitable for groups between 8 and 24 film makers.
Duration of event: Half-day or full-day

Murder Mystery Evening time for team play

Our Murder Mysteries are excellent at the end of a team building exercise, or simply as a form of either a lunch or evening entertainment.

There are no professional actors grabbing the limelight and the focus is where it should be – on your team. We do, however, provide two host characters to co-ordinate your evening. Everyone is sent an invitation letter and guest list prior to the event. This will include character information and tips about costume or any props each role might need.

A Murder Mystery Event runs for about three and a half hours and usually takes place over dinner. There are a number of available storylines to choose from including ‘Murder in the East’, ‘Death by the Nile’, and ‘What the Butler Knew’ although each event will be tailored to your individual objectives.

Guests can form alliances, blackmail each other, steal items and money and maybe even try to kill one another. Along the way they try to solve a number of mysteries using a range of items. They may also have various abilities to help them uncover secrets and achieve their goals.

This team event is suitable for groups between 8 and 22 guests.
Duration of event: Half-day or full-day

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