For many experienced, skilled employees, their next step on the career ladder is to no longer be a follower but a manager and take the knowledge they have built up and use it to develop new talent and push an organisation forward.

However, not all experienced employees start out with the ability to lead, and management requires a new skill set to work with and around people.

Most of these new skills are learned through online management courses, leadership seminars and mentorship programmes with other successful business leaders, but others are more innate qualities that can be harnessed to get the most out of people.

Here are three qualities that help make a great manager and leader.

Showing Empathy In Their Actions

Caring matters. Most people want to live, love and associate with people who care about them, and this is no different at work. According to a study by DDI, empathy has been linked to strong overall management performance, and this result has been found in other, similar studies.

The reason for this is self-evident; a manager that cares is a better communicator, knows the capabilities of their team and how to motivate them to get the best out of them.

They interact more with employees and are trusted more to provide input and solve issues.


One of the hardest parts of being a good manager is not doing everything alone, but a great leader knows how to identify people in the team with the potential to rise in an organisation like they did.

They will assign tasks to them that they are capable of but also help them learn and strengthen their skills.

Clear Communication

The best managers know what is required and can communicate these requirements to their team in a way that makes clear what each team member is expected to contribute.

Being direct and specific helps to avoid ambiguity and unnecessary stress.

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