The way that business is conducted has changed and evolved because of the pandemic. In 2020, companies had to react very quickly to a difficult and unpredictable situation, furloughing staff members and making provisions for others to work from home.

And now the situation has changed once again, with the lifting of lockdown restrictions meaning that offices can reopen and staff can return to their desks.

It’s likely that work circumstances could change yet again in the near future, as the pandemic is certainly far from over, and it’s likely that business practices have changed for good… which is why it’s important for managers and team leaders to ensure they have the necessary skills to keep organisations working well and productively in the future.

Empathy is one soft skill that should certainly be at the top of the list. Being tuned in to the emotional health and wellbeing of those on the payroll is an absolute must post-covid and it’s essential that employees feel valued, respected and listened to, as well as taken care of.

Another skill that will prove hugely beneficial now and well into the future is the ability to work flexibly – and no doubt leaders everywhere have already had this seriously put to the test over the last 18 months or so, dealing with the pandemic and everything it brought with it. Being ready to adapt to future challenges – and quickly – is a must!

And, as ever, unrivalled communication skills will continue to be a much-sought after attribute among leaders. Providing the right information at the right time both online and offline is essential at a time when there is so much going on, so that teams know what’s happening and what their responsibilities are.

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