With so many Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors being forced to isolate, how do you prepare staff to step-up and manage in their absence? It appears that the challenge of managing people remotely has become more critical.

Please use our quick and simple on-line assessment to identify those who have the potential and understand their development needs using the following links.

‘Competency Based Self-Assessment’, and ‘Role Based Self-Assessment’

Alternatively contact us directly for a free Zoom/Teams consultation to understand your challenges and how we may support you. Click here

Three programmes commencing this January that may be of interest are:


  • TEAM Leadership Skills aimed at new or potential Team Leaders and Supervisors.


  • LEAD Management Programme aimed at exciting or potential Managers.


  • Managing Projects aimed at staff who lead or manage projects or project based objectives/outcomes

To request an Overview for any of the above Programmes please Get in touch with us today. or download our 2022 Palladium Calendar.

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