Over the past two years, education and continuing professional development have seen some massive changes as circumstances dictated a need to move away from classrooms in favour of distance learning opportunities.

Whilst the incredible work of both trainers and students have allowed these courses to still provide some fantastic results and maintain a sense of normalcy in what was far from normal times, many courses rely on in-person delivery and cannot truly be replicated through distance learning.

Here are three reasons why students and trainers will benefit from a return to classroom delivery of training.

More Contact Time

Everybody learns in a slightly different way, with many experts identifying four distinct learning styles, which are true for students of all ages and abilities:

  • Visual – learning through images, graphs, diagrams and presentations,
  • Auditory – learning through listening and speaking,
  • Kinaesthetic – learning through doing, through tactile feedback and acting,
  • Linguistic – learning through reading and writing.

Even between these four, there are significant overlaps and variations, and the best way for a trainer to accommodate every student is to be in the same room as them, with smaller class sizes so everyone gets a chance to have contact time.

This is especially true for a leadership management course, as leaders will direct in different ways and have unique circumstances in their teams that individual contact time will allow them to work out.

Fewer Distractions

The technology that allows for distance learning is incredible, but it is also potentially very distracting indeed.

As many people who have had meetings can attest, the temptation is always there to continue a piece of work, answer an email or check social media during a session, potentially missing out on vital information.

Whilst some people are very disciplined learners or use tools to reduce the risk of distraction, a classroom is designed to allow for optimum focus on the trainer and everything they have to say.

Learn From Your Peers

One of the best parts of in-person meetings, conferences and courses is the ability to network and have small conversations with people in your situation.

Whilst there have been attempts to replicate this at a distance, business leaders have been left wanting.

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