The pandemic forced businesses to think quickly as uncertainties rapidly grew, reinventing how we all work at an unrelenting pace, all while grappling with implanting remote working, disrupted trade, and cautious and demanding customers, as well as an uncertain political and economic climate.

Those businesses that weathered the pandemic had people who possessed great leadership skills, especially problem-solving/critical thinking, and effective communication skills. It might seem obvious that these skills are essential for leadership, but we take a closer look.

Communication Skills

The pandemic led businesses to implement new technologies, mostly to manage how we communicate while working remotely. However, whether formal or casual, these conversations were entirely virtual and consequently, distant, leading to diminishing personal connections.

Leaders now need to develop the ability to communicate effectively and seamlessly across a range of platforms and to a diverse workforce. With remote and hybrid working solutions, leaders have the responsibility to foster inter-team connections and build a culture where everyone feels involved and included, regardless of their location.

Effective leaders know how to listen, empathise, and inspire, no of which is possible without strong communications skills. Leaders must thoughtfully and authentically craft their communication and always leave room for feedback or questions.

Problem-solving and critical thinking

When in the depths of a difficult situation, it is not uncommon to lose sight of the way out, and people tend to look to their leaders for support and guidance. However, successful leaders do not necessarily find the solutions to every problem, instead, they have the ability to redefine the issue, logically structure it, and solve it from a long-term perspective.

This allows leaders to find and tackle the root cause of the issue. But it is not enough to simply possess these skills, as it is as important to be able to pass them on.

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